Friday, 2 April 2010

Tutorial: Have butterflies flying on your ceiling!

It's nearly Easter, a holiday that is connected to the spring. And spring to me means butterflies. Now, I know butterflies aren't strictly Easter decorations, but I like them and I thought it would make a nice change from the snowflakes. :P

I believe it would be great make for kids about 4 years onwards (Yes, even teenagers. It amazed me - I was a teacher for a year - how they, despite trying to act and look like adults, enjoyed simple makes.)

So, to make some butterflies you will need:
*Printer (well, in the end you can draw your own, or even copy them from the computer screen :P
*Some printer paper or thin card, either coloured or white
*Some coloured paper (especially if your printer paper is white)
*Pencils, crayons or felt-tip pens
*Hole punch
*A tub, like Vanish one or the ones they sell nuts in, or a bowl
*Glue stick
*Some sticky tape and masking tape
*This template: (Click on it, let it load to its full size, then Right click -> Save Image As)

I printed the butterflies out to every coloured card we had here, so I had 10 sheets! :O

Colour some in and cut them all out.

Keep the left-over paper. It will be used very soon. Now you need your hole punch and your bowl. Take some bigger bits of the paper, fold them two or three times and punch holes into them. Put the little circles in your tub and keep them.

Use the little circles and other bits of left-over paper to decorate your other butterflies. It would be a good idea to turn some of them round, so the side you decorate will be clear.

Fold your butterflies gently in half, decorated side out, so that they look a bit V-shaped. Cut bits of thread, about 30 cm (12 in) or more long and tape one to each top wing of your butterflies. That makes them hang nicely so that all the decorating can be seen. I tried it with one piece of thread in the middle, but the butterflies didn't stand "up" properly. Even with two threads it's less fiddly. :)

Now use the masking tape to stick them onto your ceiling.

Happy Spring!


P.S. My litte girl here forces us to lie down on the floor and blow on the "byes" (or "futterbyes") several times a day! ;)

P.P.S. I didn't design the butterflies, I just found them though Google and put them together.
Thanks goes to:
Sorry, but I can't find the page for the last one any more!

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  1. thank you! they are wonderfull! a super nice idea!!!

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