Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fun little game: match colours!

We have lots of gem dice in a little basket since DH used to play RPGs. Emily thinks they are simply some nice things to pick up and put in a box or bowl and sometimes she calls them with their colour names too. Anyway, a bit of matching fun to have here: I cut out circles of coloured card (I used her breakfast bowl as stencil) and one of white paper, so she could match all the dice with the right circles. Not hours of fun, but she did it several times and was very proud to have put them all in correct places. :)

Clever Emily!

I did it! I did it! (she really sais that :)

I'm sure it'll work with other little colourful things, like blocks or buttons etc.


In our house, we eat Dalek dip!

I can't believe it's actually been that long since I last posted here!

We've had quite nice summer, went to DHs paren't caravan near Bridport and had a lovely time. Also, went to Abbotsbury swannery, and now Emily calls all the lakes around here "swannewy". :)
Some pics:

Went to see the donkeys and fed them some carrots. Of course, Emily had to have one herself!

The caravan park is a bunny paradise! There's loads of them around any time of day.

After an especially tiring day...

Abbotsbury swannery. It was absolutely massive place. (Then again, why did I think it wouldn't be?) Also featuring Chesil Beach on the backround.

A cheeky blackbird in the swannery cafe.

And - guess where - in Weymouth.

Seagull posing in hope of getting some crisps from the people next to us.

Emily and Gran having some ice cream.

Oh, and Dalek dip? I made battered cauliflower few days ago (just with batter mix from shop) and since cauliflower doesn't taste of much, I also made a dip with soured cream, mayonnaise, some herbs and garlic (dalek :D). Emily loves garlic dip. She always eats loads whenever there is some. :)