Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Right.... The last day!

Last day to join our swap! Tomorrow I will try and pair people so everyone would be happy.

Take care! :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Halliste apron

Right... Someone wanted to know what is Halliste embroidery. Here it is then - an apron for a married woman's celebratory costume.

More here:
Arhaic Estonian embroidery set


Thursday, 25 June 2009

How to add...

* These links with piccies, like "My shop in Folksy" and "I'm in Coriandr!"?
* A funny clock
* Thingie where you could see all your friends updates?


I am not used to blogger at all. LJ has been my blog environment for 2 1/2 years...

still sincerely
and sleepily

Cat in the Hat (and nappy cover)

Here we are then: I didn't take all her clothes off though. :P
Pay no attention to the rubbish... *hides*

And profile: :)

The tail is stuffed and the cover itself attaches with velcro.

One more for good measure:

I'll try to post the pattern for the hat in a few days...


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Destash swap, anyone?

Come on, you hoarders, yes, you know who you are! Let's air our cupboards/shelves/chests! :D And make space for some more things. :)

I have lately discovered quite a few things I once bought but haven't used at all (or very little) so I've decided to organise a destash swap. Are you in? Think and look around for a few days and then tell me:

Your name and address with postcode (of course!)
Your email address
Your destash discipline (that would be the things you have the most to give away)
Your receiving discipline (if it is any different from the things you give away)

For example, I don't use much paper nowadays, but I have lots of scrapbook and handmade paper to give away, and I have never done anything with big glass beads. I would like to get some textiles - ideally upcycled, so get your rag bags out for me! :P

Then start fillig your boxes! :)

Buttons, interesting pictures/ papers/ pages from books, pieces of fabric, odd balls of yarn, embroidery thread, postcards, doodles, sequins, something you have made, sweets to help with thinking (who doesn't like chocolate?), beads, ribbons, embellishments, patterns, whatever you find lying around and think your swap partner could use, really!

My address is vintage.paperdoll at gmail.com

Let's give it a week or so (let's say until 30th of June) and then I'll email you with the name and address of your swap partner. I think there might be some three-way swapping as well, since things you give and receive may not be of the same discipline.

Take care and tidy up your house! :)


Saturday, 20 June 2009

More things I want to make.

* Textile jewellery with Halliste and Muhu embroidery
* Necklaces made from papier mache rings
* Papier mache boxes, shaped like houses, but cool-looking, not like these cottage house teapots :D
* Necklaces and brooches from things in my antique book, like fans etc
* 2 necklaces with beads made of a pair of earrings. They are big flowery ornament things I never used after buying. I could actually make something nice of them! :D
* More pendants/brooches with buttons - finish
* Tags/cards from upcycled materials

going back to ACTUALLY make something now. :D

Friday, 19 June 2009

I want to make so many things.

I am always looking at things and thinking how I could use them. I don't want to throw things away and whenever I can, I recycle them. Now I have had a fair amount of ideas over the months, and most of them are probably lost on pieces of paper around the house. But I do remember some, so.

* Coasters with Halliste and Muhu embroidery motives, from reclaimed fabrics
* Cards with my little animals, hand-drawn, every one different (I really have to make more things with the animals!)
* Shopping bags for little people like me, with upcycled dyed fabrics and primitive printing
* Candle/tealight holders from baby food jars, they are so cute! I may try and make some for christmas
* Doll house furniture from papier mache
* More jewellery made from cardboard - earrings, pendants, brooches/badges. I have to get into line design again...
* Coasters from floppy disks covered with paper (maps, envelopes etc) and enamel
* Papier mache bowls (yes, I do like papier mache, and there's neverending supply of junk mail. :D
* Paper bead earrings. More designs. I am getting into it already.
* Small pincushion/keyfobs from recycled fabrics, with machine freehand embroidery/fabric pieces
* Things for kids, like toys and clothes - I'll be definitely making these, since my own girl will be needing stuff. :)
* Painted mugs and plates with my animal designs
* Game quilts and cushion covers with pockets
* Play food, but not from felt
* Silk scarves with my animal paintings
* I would like to try freeform crochet, but it will most likely stay just an idea.
* Chunky crochet cushion covers from clothes
* Bath mats/little rugs from recycled plastic bags
* Should knit more scarves, floves and mittens
* Bow ties from reclaimed fabrics
* Cravats? :)
* Pencil rolls
* Things that have lots of buttons sewn onto them. :)
* Weird things.

Uhh. All for now.
Don't nick my ideas. ;)


Things that I am doing at the moment:

* More fabric flower necklaces + I'd like to make some brooch/hairclips with them as well

** Crochet roses for PaperFish (hooray!)

*** Custom order for Kidography, hats and nappie covers. I've finished the kittie hat which you can see on the left (meet Emily!). The design is so easy and cute that I'm thinking of posting a make of it. :)

**** A few new designs for the "Recycled jewels" earrings.

I think that's all for the moment, next thing has to be the stuff I WANT to make in the future sometimes.

Hmm. I feel weird now, making my first silly posts and trying to get it going somehow... with so many things to catch up suddenly. Plese be kind to me! :D


Hello! *steps in and stands shyly in the corner* * waves*

Well, it seems I've finally joined Blogger. Mainly because I do want to do better with my handicrafts shops in Etsy and Folksy. Not too well though, because my little daughter is just over a year old and growing cuter and cleverer every day, and I don't want to miss it.

I do want to make a bit of money - for myself, to feel a bit independent - and also to be able to let my husband quit his work which is really running him down. We'll see how it goes. :)

I want to start posting my ideas and makes here, just to keep track on them (with loads of pictures, of course!), because now I write things down onto different pieces of paper and notebooks and I keep losing and finding them. I am bubbling with ideas, but I never have enough time to make everything. That way I will be at least able to see and develop the thoughts.

My favourite things at the moment... My paper bead earrings (and the fabric roses, but I've made so many of them in the past), because they are fun to make and it is a new thing to me.

Keep in touch!