Saturday, 20 June 2009

More things I want to make.

* Textile jewellery with Halliste and Muhu embroidery
* Necklaces made from papier mache rings
* Papier mache boxes, shaped like houses, but cool-looking, not like these cottage house teapots :D
* Necklaces and brooches from things in my antique book, like fans etc
* 2 necklaces with beads made of a pair of earrings. They are big flowery ornament things I never used after buying. I could actually make something nice of them! :D
* More pendants/brooches with buttons - finish
* Tags/cards from upcycled materials

going back to ACTUALLY make something now. :D


  1. It's good to find someone else who can't throw anything away! Would love to see pics of anything you manage to make. If only I had more time!!

  2. Yep, that seems to be the problem for everyone!

  3. Love these lists of things you want to do! I should do that too but the lists would just go on and on and I'd never get anytning done . . . !

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere fellow recycler. Would Love to see what you make. What a great list of cunning craftiness. I have an equally long list - btw what's hallist embroidery?


    Well, that's basically it. Muhu embroidery looks about the same, some different motives are in there. You can see some other things on my cardboard earrings and my banner. :)