Friday, 19 June 2009

Things that I am doing at the moment:

* More fabric flower necklaces + I'd like to make some brooch/hairclips with them as well

** Crochet roses for PaperFish (hooray!)

*** Custom order for Kidography, hats and nappie covers. I've finished the kittie hat which you can see on the left (meet Emily!). The design is so easy and cute that I'm thinking of posting a make of it. :)

**** A few new designs for the "Recycled jewels" earrings.

I think that's all for the moment, next thing has to be the stuff I WANT to make in the future sometimes.

Hmm. I feel weird now, making my first silly posts and trying to get it going somehow... with so many things to catch up suddenly. Plese be kind to me! :D



  1. Cute hat and cute little girl! Blogging is really addictive once you get going! Will become a follower! Check out my blog too! x

  2. Sorry just realised how many exclamations marks were in my comment. Got a bit carried away!!!!

  3. Gorgeous little hat and Emily's just adorable:)

  4. Please post a make for the kitty hat! I make similar ones but for adults, never made a mini version, would love to make it for my friend's little one! Good luck with blogging, I'm sure you'll do better than I manage to.. x

  5. Cute little kitty in a hat! Did you make it on circular needles or 2 separate ones?

  6. Adorable hat and adorable Emily! Do you make big people ones too?

  7. I made the hat on circular needles, but not going in rounds. I don't have tiny enough circular needles yet. I could make them for adults, too, but then I would have to know how big your head is! :)