Sunday, 21 June 2009

Destash swap, anyone?

Come on, you hoarders, yes, you know who you are! Let's air our cupboards/shelves/chests! :D And make space for some more things. :)

I have lately discovered quite a few things I once bought but haven't used at all (or very little) so I've decided to organise a destash swap. Are you in? Think and look around for a few days and then tell me:

Your name and address with postcode (of course!)
Your email address
Your destash discipline (that would be the things you have the most to give away)
Your receiving discipline (if it is any different from the things you give away)

For example, I don't use much paper nowadays, but I have lots of scrapbook and handmade paper to give away, and I have never done anything with big glass beads. I would like to get some textiles - ideally upcycled, so get your rag bags out for me! :P

Then start fillig your boxes! :)

Buttons, interesting pictures/ papers/ pages from books, pieces of fabric, odd balls of yarn, embroidery thread, postcards, doodles, sequins, something you have made, sweets to help with thinking (who doesn't like chocolate?), beads, ribbons, embellishments, patterns, whatever you find lying around and think your swap partner could use, really!

My address is vintage.paperdoll at

Let's give it a week or so (let's say until 30th of June) and then I'll email you with the name and address of your swap partner. I think there might be some three-way swapping as well, since things you give and receive may not be of the same discipline.

Take care and tidy up your house! :)



  1. Sounds like a fab idea, I've got loads of fabric, will mail you..:-)

  2. I'm definitely in. I've been meaning to have a good clear out for ages now. I'll mail you now.

  3. Me too - cool swaperoo - will email

  4. Hmm, have lots and lots of wool and yarn that OH would be delighted if I disposed of! Will have a look and get back to you.

  5. hey, I may have a few jewellery finding's I could send, but most of what i have spare is wood, Would anyone interested in that

  6. I'd be interested, I'll email you my details, I've allsorts I could swap.