Friday, 19 June 2009

I want to make so many things.

I am always looking at things and thinking how I could use them. I don't want to throw things away and whenever I can, I recycle them. Now I have had a fair amount of ideas over the months, and most of them are probably lost on pieces of paper around the house. But I do remember some, so.

* Coasters with Halliste and Muhu embroidery motives, from reclaimed fabrics
* Cards with my little animals, hand-drawn, every one different (I really have to make more things with the animals!)
* Shopping bags for little people like me, with upcycled dyed fabrics and primitive printing
* Candle/tealight holders from baby food jars, they are so cute! I may try and make some for christmas
* Doll house furniture from papier mache
* More jewellery made from cardboard - earrings, pendants, brooches/badges. I have to get into line design again...
* Coasters from floppy disks covered with paper (maps, envelopes etc) and enamel
* Papier mache bowls (yes, I do like papier mache, and there's neverending supply of junk mail. :D
* Paper bead earrings. More designs. I am getting into it already.
* Small pincushion/keyfobs from recycled fabrics, with machine freehand embroidery/fabric pieces
* Things for kids, like toys and clothes - I'll be definitely making these, since my own girl will be needing stuff. :)
* Painted mugs and plates with my animal designs
* Game quilts and cushion covers with pockets
* Play food, but not from felt
* Silk scarves with my animal paintings
* I would like to try freeform crochet, but it will most likely stay just an idea.
* Chunky crochet cushion covers from clothes
* Bath mats/little rugs from recycled plastic bags
* Should knit more scarves, floves and mittens
* Bow ties from reclaimed fabrics
* Cravats? :)
* Pencil rolls
* Things that have lots of buttons sewn onto them. :)
* Weird things.

Uhh. All for now.
Don't nick my ideas. ;)



  1. Hotdogandme.
    Wow that's a short post!Hee hee.
    We love the idea of chunky crochet cusion covers from clothes.Pictures please.they sound fabadoodledoo.

  2. Hi Kerli. Welcome to the world of blogging. :o)