Thursday, 12 August 2010

In our house, we eat Dalek dip!

I can't believe it's actually been that long since I last posted here!

We've had quite nice summer, went to DHs paren't caravan near Bridport and had a lovely time. Also, went to Abbotsbury swannery, and now Emily calls all the lakes around here "swannewy". :)
Some pics:

Went to see the donkeys and fed them some carrots. Of course, Emily had to have one herself!

The caravan park is a bunny paradise! There's loads of them around any time of day.

After an especially tiring day...

Abbotsbury swannery. It was absolutely massive place. (Then again, why did I think it wouldn't be?) Also featuring Chesil Beach on the backround.

A cheeky blackbird in the swannery cafe.

And - guess where - in Weymouth.

Seagull posing in hope of getting some crisps from the people next to us.

Emily and Gran having some ice cream.

Oh, and Dalek dip? I made battered cauliflower few days ago (just with batter mix from shop) and since cauliflower doesn't taste of much, I also made a dip with soured cream, mayonnaise, some herbs and garlic (dalek :D). Emily loves garlic dip. She always eats loads whenever there is some. :)


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