Friday, 21 August 2009

Autumn is coming.

I miss my homeland. Everything is so much more natural there. And I love going out for walks. Because I love the smells. Few days ago I went for a walk in the evening and on the corner of a house estate and a park I could smell something familiar. It was an apple tree.

Funny how smells trigger the flashes of memories. When I was pregnant I suffered really awfully from "morning sickness", which in my case was "all day sickness" for about five months. I couldn't eat anything but sweet things, like biscuits and fruit, I couldn't even look at anything fried or meaty and my hubby's preshave made me sick. The only place I could be that felt reassuring and familiar, was the bathroom. Because they smell the same, basically. A bit wet and soapy.

I miss proper colourful autumn. I don't know whether England has it - because I've spent the last two years indoors, basically. First time because I was too shy/afraid to go out and second time with a small baby. And I would like to see it this year.

I already got inspired a bit and made two shopping bags, for little people. :) I've felt so annoyed with the plastic bags in the shops, because they are so big and scrape the ground when I walk home. I found a solution. I made my own fabric bags. And now I've made a few for selling, too. All upcycled fabrics. Brown used to be a really sun-kissed curtain, which I dyed brown. Stripy and red fabrics used to be bed sheets we never used. I hand-embroidered the "nature's friend" text. It took me about 4 hours. :) Stripy one has a pocket on front and an orange flower brooch, because I felt that the red and purple stripes on the pocket missed something the bag had inside. Both are reversible.


Stripy Shopper

Nature's Friend - Autumn:


P.S. I swapped the table and the two bookshelves last week. If you could imagine the table being in the corner, full of all kinds of stuff, and the two bookcases next to each other where the table is now, you'll get the picture. ;)

Now we can actually have dinner around the table like a family. Our kitchen is tiny, only one person fits in at a time really!

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