Saturday, 15 August 2009

Little update

Sorry for being so quiet latey... I have been busy. With real life and handicrafts, I want to make 2 tutorials, and I have been editing photos today for three hours and listening to Woodstock film. It seems that when I get to this making mode, I can't get out, I somply get more and more ideas and I want to finish them, rather than come to the computer to upload them into my shops.

A little sneak peek: (I have some that aren't photographed yet, and some that are in progress, but should be ready soon.)

Little pencil tube

Triangular pencil case - I am quite proud of it (compared to the first one I made :D)

A few little envelope envelopes - they are all packed and wait for uploading into folksy and etsy. :)

All for now! Take care!


1 comment:

  1. Blimey - you have been busy! Looking forward to your tutorials. Inspired by you I'm going to try and make little jewellery boxes today and see how that goes x