Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More ideas... awful, innit? :P And do I have the time or even energy to try?

*little pencil cases made from recycled materials - papier mache, triangular and easel-style
*maybe little bowls as well
*cloth book covers - double layers, with elastic on back, and ribbon for bookmark
*crocheted brooch thingies from plastic bags, embroidered and embellished with beads
*more gloves
*brooch/hairclips with fabric roses, and more necklaces

and I HAVE to list something now again :D

Maybe I can when Emily goes to bed for her daily nap...


P.S. I have an evil plan of swapping the book shelves and dining table in the corner... I'm tired of telling hubby to do it, I'm so annoyed now, I might just do it soon one day.


  1. I have lists like this in my journals/notebooks. I've had the ideas for months for different things & that's where they stay! It's sooo frustrating x

  2. I too can really relate to that! I'm a list addict! But pleased to say I've finally got around to making something off my list!