Thursday, 30 July 2009

I saw something that was completely silly and a bit funny at the same time.

We went to the shopping centre with Emily today, and as we were waiting to get on the bus afterwards, there was something quite idiotic going on. Now, see the drawing. It's of our bus station.

1, 2 and 3 are waiting pavillions and rectangles marked a, b, c and broken are supposed to be buses. As we arrived to the bus station 2 hours earlier, we saw the broken down bus, it was near pavillion 3 and there was an AA van standing behind it.

2 hours later it had moved to the place you can see on the drawing. Then bus a came in, dropped the people and went round again to park behind the broken bus for 10 minutes, because several other buses were meant to arrive and pick up people before it. That was the bus we were waiting for, and it was supposed to pick us up at pavillion 2.

Now, just before 10 minutes were over, bus b came in, stopped and let its people out in the middle of the road and just stayed there. Then bus c came in, as well as it could, waited a bit, then let people out. By now the driver from bus b came out and, not checking why the broken bus was there, I guess he knew, went to bus a and started shouting at the driver. Now, I do understand that he was meant to be where bus a was, but surely, everyone can see that bus a cannot get out. So what was the use of him shouting like a looney when at this moment HE HIMSELF was blocking everyone??!? Then driver from bus c came out and did some of this shouting and waving his hands as well, so bus b went and drove round, and others could finally get to pavillion 2. Bus c was meant to be there first anyway.

Over the 2 years I've been here and used the buses I have got on them all over the place. Sometimes they arrive all at the same time and just get in where they can. So what was such a problem that this guy couldn't drive on just a bit and let others through? And then go round again to take his right place?

I am still wondering why he did this. Was he so tired that he couldn't think straight, or wanted to let out steam or just an idiot?


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