Thursday, 16 July 2009

About Life, The Universe And A Blog Giveaway

After a few days I actually have some time to post again. Well, I have to write about the parcel I received in the destash swap.

It is very cute! All the browns and greens are exactly my taste and I would gladly marry the corduroy! :D And cute ribbons... I don't even want to use them! :) I've never had a pair of handbag handles before, but they have definitely given me a few ideas now. Thanks, DinkyDaisy! :)

We went to Bookbarn on Monday and got loads and loads of books! We spent there 5 hours, I think! Emily had fun as well, crawling around between the shelves like in a big maze! Oh how many exclamation marks there are now! :O Here are all the books we found and took with us to give them a new home:

And as you can see from this picture, the pile is almost as tall as Emily is! :P

Yes, you can tell we love science fiction. All the Clifford D. Simak books were picked by me, but I quite like Poul Anderson, so I'll be nicking them off hubby! ;) I recommend Far Side to everyone, and the book about boxes is just too cute.

And now to the giveaway: Guess how much the pile of books cost, comment and you can win these three beauties:

I will soon have them in my shop too, or at least some that are very similar, since they are handdrawn.

You have time until 19.07 23.59. :)



  1. £54.85?? No idea really but that is a lot of books. I love looking at books. You must have had a lovely day. I REALLY want to win those cards. They are gorgeous. x

  2. Blimey - that's a whole heap of books you have there. Well it is raining so you can snuggle up on the sofa with them. No idea how much you've spent - probably about £70 at the least.

    Ohh and I've blogged about the de-stash swap you kindly organised on

  3. I bet they were a real bargain! I'm going for £30!

  4. I think they were £100....there's an awful lot there! Nice though. I love books! x

  5. If its anything like my local bookshop you were given most of the paperbacks for free. I'm going to guess something absolutely ridiculous and say £4.00

  6. There are alot there, and it looks like a right mix of some 20p's to over £10 so I reckon it'll just be over £100, I'll say £109. lol.

  7. Looks like a great mix of stuff. I reckon there's about 40 books there so I'll go for a bargain average of 50p each - so £20?

    Zoomed in on your cards - I want them!

  8. Oh, bookbarn sounds like heaven on earth! I'd not heard of it before - now I want to move in!

    Nothing as wonderful as a massive pile of new second-hand books . . . *sigh*

    I reckon you paid £50 and it was a real bargain!

    And I love the look of those cards too . . .