Monday, 6 July 2009

How To Post A Parcel My-style And Pink Things

*watch Diagnosis Murder and Doctors after Emily has gone to sleep at 1.30*notice the time suddenly, get up and start packing and changing 2.20*shut down computer*go upstairs and have a wee* put clothes on*discover that you haven't added last bits to the parcel and it is not taped shut*tape the parcel shut*discover that you need the address*turn computer on again*put baby sling on*check the watch*it's 2.35*write the address down*check all bits are in the bag*and money*try to put the parcel into the bag, fail, because it's too tiny*shut down telly*miss Diagnosis Murder, because it's been bloody Wimbledon for whole two weeks*run upstairs*take Emily straight from bed and tuck her into the sling*put a little hat on her*put the parcel in the Lidl bag awkwardly*run outside as well as you can*walk quickly to the bus stop*wait for a few minutes*get the money out and get on the bus*sit down and relax*

Yes, well. Finally I managed to post the parcel. And I went to drop-in clinic, because Emily has not been eating well since she was 6m old. She just didn't want to. :P And I was too scared and depressed to press on. But. Now. Thanks to me kicking my fat arse finally properly and the discovery of baby porridges she had gained a whole half a kilo since the last time (about three weeks ago). Hooray! She now weighs 8,54 kg. :)

And something so cute can be discovered in Tesco: :)

I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but I won't be using them as simple napkins. At least not all of them. :D Note the little teeth marks in the corners, by Emily.

Also featuring the thingie I was embroidering when I watched the telly: :) Latest in the series of Zygon Jewellery. :P

AND we have next generation of artists growing in our house (notice the very sophistically and strategically placed piece of cucumber):


P.S. The quality of photo editing in blogger drives me mad. It's absolutely rubbish. At the moment it even didn't resize the photos after I put the dot in section "small". Oh my dear LJ...

P.P.S. I got an email from ebay to sign their petition... Boo! :D

P.P.P.S. Can you click on the photos to see bigger versions? I seem to be able to do so, but only in my own blog... Hmmm...


  1. now my dear girl, I had a similar day, droped wife at work(7.30am), dropped son at pre-school (7.45), made it into studio (7.55am), cup of tea and review work schedule, need to make 1 x pair of earring's ordered at weekend, need to make buttons for Kirsty (wharfedalewoolworks), her prize from my blog comp, Make custom order up for Leanne (seethewoods), Finish of batch of buttons ordered after someone saw some i amde for Clairelouise. Spoke to Clairelouise on phone, finished orders, started work on detrash box, ran to car, picked up son,(1230), took him home, changed and fed him, took him to school for taster session, was told i had to STAY, came out at 3.30, parking ticket on car, picked up wife 3.45, dropped wife at yoga, 4pm, drove to tesco, did shopping, picked up wife 5pm, came home, started packing post for tommorrow, found one that should have gone in post today, get phone call (7.15) can i make 3 new necklaces for gallery in scotland, they have sold out (each one will take 6 to 8 hours) and they want them for saturday!!!! told them they would be their next wednesday, and quality takes time.
    still working out what to send to orientalmagpie.
    my body hurts, so does my brain.
    still, nice long comment

  2. I always forget to get the address/directions/map/recipe etc from the computer before switching it off. Doh. I used to be so organised, really I did, but now I've topped 40 I appear to have slowed down. And I have developed a sieve-head. Some times I like that I'm not going 100 miles an hour but at other times it drives me nuts that even the simplest things take a whole flipping day.

  3. P.S. Cute tiddler. Tres Chic. x