Monday, 27 July 2009

Recycled Jewels

They do go to my shop as well, after I post this. I really think I'm onto something here... :) And they will be cheap, because it is only junk mail, thinnish silver-coated wire and little rocaille beads. I have named them after the papers I made the beads of, some phrase or title on them.

Sun Drops

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Pretty Paisley

New Grass

Mediterranean Meditation

Day On The Beach



  1. Dear Kerli - I love your inventive recycling but I think you may be underselling yourself. Just because you use throw away materials like junk mail, doesn't mean that your products should be cheap as a result. You still took time to come up with the idea, play around with it until it worked, make the beads, source the findings, assemble them. There are other jewellers using paper that mount their work on sliver and their pieces sell for £40. If I remember the name I'll post a link to their site.

  2. They're lovely - delicate yet funky! I think the paisley ones are my faves - love the shape of the wire.