Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, How Very Late I Am!

Finally I've managed to sort out who should be sending their parcels to who... It took about an hour, and I am not sure everything is in perfect order, but I did the best I could. Now, notice that you may not receive exactly what you asked for, just because noone really offered it. But I will be sending your wishes to the person whose parcel you will be receiving, so they may be able to find something. Also, I did check your shops, so that you would get at least something you are familiar with. :P

So there they are, the result of my reasoning. :)

*Aleximo to chiyo
*averilpam to SophieCat
*chiyo to DinkyDaisy
*DinkyDaisy to kerli
*DonnaMarie to ZennithZark
*jacksknits to Aleximo
*kerli to DonnaMarie
*lillies to jacksknits
*niftythrifty to averilpam
*seethewoods to SilkyPrudence
*SilkyPrudence to seethewoods
*SophieCat to WoodenJewellery
*WoodenJewellery to lillies
*ZennithZark to niftythrifty

Phew! *wipes forehead*
Now I will send out emails to you today with the details of the person you are going to send your parcel to. And I will add their wishlist, so that you can alter your boxes a bit if you find it necessary. So good luck and happy crafting! :)


P.S. Don't forget sweeties! ;)


  1. pffft, can't be forgeting the sweeties:) You're a star for organising all of this, can't wait to get my parcel sent off in the post now.

  2. You're a star, am really excited love getting parcels..Debbie

  3. I'm excited!
    I hope Sophiecat will like her package, and I'm looking forward to mine!

  4. Will get posting tomorrow!

    Give yourself a pat on the back and have a nice cold beer - you deserve it xx

  5. I'll be rather haveing an ice cream in this weather - I don't drink! :) Only water... :P

  6. sweeties? first ive heard of that, choosing those maybe harder than the destash!!!
    I am very nervous!
    can we contact the person we are sending too?