Monday, 27 July 2009

I bloody fancy James May.

He just ticks all my boxes. Long hair, patient, a bit nerdy, a lot older than me. He reminds me of my ex's best friend and my flatmate at some point, who I had a crush on. And he looks a bit like my hubby (who is 41, I am 25, btw. bet you didn't expect that! :D), only his hair is more curly and he cuts it more often. Which I don't like, but he cannot be a hairy rocker where he works. Boo!

But, back to James May. I just loved Top Gear this time, with all the race and the silliness of the blonde model. Hee! But James was cute and patient and nerdy. I'd love to take him home and wash his hair. *shivers* *drools*


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