Saturday, 18 July 2009

I have stuff.

I have been thinking what to make of these envelopes I have collected for a few weeks now. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a lot of them. There would have been even more, but I didn't think about it last year or whenever I tried to tidy up (It's pointless anyway, mess appears quicker than you can tidy it up, sadly. It's the consequence of living with hubby and children. :P)

What I've managed to come up with so far are:

More envelopes!

(Only little ones)



Well, I did try to make labels covered with different things. Envelopes and crosswords worked a treat, maps not so well, and crinkly chocolate cover had bits coming off it, though I managed to cover them with paper flowers. This stripy wrapping paper wasn't too bad, I just have to be more careful with it in the future. I like the chocolate one, but sadly Emily grabbed it and ate it right after I took the photo so I had to throw it away. Maybe she thought it was real chocolate! :P

The strong cardboardy paper I used as base came from an old calendar notebook and looks like this:

I am not sure whether to put them into my shop... seems that there is enough of this kind of recycling already...


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  1. I really like your envelopes and labels. No harm in giving it a try in the shop... Oh, and don't tell me about mess!