Monday, 12 October 2009

We have a big girl now. (Baby talk, not for men ;))

Yesterday we went and got a forward-facing car seat. It's for kids up to 13 years(!). We have to hope Emily doesn't break it before. :D She isn't awfully heavy yet, but she was getting too long and curious for the little baby car seat. It was wonderful to see her strapped in and looking around and being all excited when we came home.

Also, few days ago I sorted out some baby clothes to send to my sister (her baby is about a year younger than Emily, but grows like a bear, she's 4 months old and already in clothes for 6-9 months. So has Emily been. :D At least at home with all the little dungarees and trousers) and generally the shelves had been stacked to the point of bursting. After clearing out most of the things I found that most of the clothes were pink! AAAAAAAGHH! What's that all about? Me, who I promised before Emily was born that I wouldn't buy a single pink thing until she wanted some herself? There's just no escape, it seems. Oh well, I guess they aren't all things I have bought, there are some hand-me-downs and presents as well, but I love colours, and so do little children. So it seems that I have to get some Dylon. :B

And the third thing: We have been going out to the park in the last few weeks to run around and go on all the climbing frames and other things. Last week I noticed that Emily is really confident on her feet now. She doesn't stumble or fall almost at all any more. Fascinating. And she's just 17 months old now! How strange... You really don't know how wonderfully fast they learn and grow up before you have some of your own!

(Yes, I know I have been neglecting my shop a bit, but my lfe is just too interesting. I don't want to miss it, or feel guilty for not playing enough.)

Oops, gotta go! She's woken up and crying for some food!


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  1. Hey Kerli, they grow up so quickly don't they? I've been the same lately - not wanting to miss out on things. My little man will be 2 at the weekend. How time flies! Vic x