Friday, 25 September 2009

Kittie Hat!

Yes, I have finally added the pattern. :) (The explanation is probably for idiots. :D If you can come up with something better and easier, be my guest. :)

NB. There aren't actual numbers for stitches, you will have to calculate things to match the person you are knitting to.

What you will need:
*6-7 mm needles, either circular or dpn
*Some Wendy Fusion or similar yarn (I used 156 White Pepper and a bit of 155 Cajun)
*Tapestry needle

1. Measure the head of the person the hat is for. My little girl measured 51 cm.

2. Knit a little patch with your yarn and needles, 20 st and 10 rows. Measure, how many stitches you have on 10 cm (4 in). I had 11, so that's a bit more than 1 stitch per cm (or 2,6 st per in)

3. Cast on the number of st you need - multiply the number of stitches per cm (in) with the measurements of head: 51 x 1,1 = 56,1. You can add one stitch, just for good measure. :)

4. Divide onto 4 needles (if you use dpn). Join the ends - pull the bit of yarn that hangs off from the last stitch through the first one and tie the ends together - be careful not to twist.

5. Now all you have to do is knit in the round. You don't have to mark the beginning - there should be a bit of yarn hanging off from the join. :)

6. You can try it on after about 15-20 cm, there's no need to do it before. Knit until the two opposite sides of your knitting touch each other on the top of your (or your baby's etc.) head when you try it on and the bottom edge of your hat is a)in the middle of your forehead and b)covering your skull and touching the back of your neck. The knitting should feel nice and loose around the head.

7. Fold your knitting in half, leaving the beginning on one side. Cut the yarn, about twice the length of the top end of your knitting. Now you'll need your needle. Thread it (yarn it :) and start pulling the yarn through the stitches, taking them alternately from both front and back needles. You don't have to sew, just thread through the stitches as if you would be putting beads on it.

8. When you get to the end, make a tiny little knot. Don't cut the yarn. Insert the needle back into your knitting right next to the knot and draw it out about quarter of the way back on the top. Sew an "ear" onto your hat. Make the "side" side of the ear a bit shorter than the "top" side. (See photo) Cut the yarn. Sew an ear onto the other side as well.

9. Now, if you wish, you can add a bit of pink embroidery onto the ears. Stitch is entirely your choice. I tried to imitate a knit stitch, the little "v". You also may or may not add a bit of twisted cord. If you make twisted cord, I recommend you attach it to the hat with cow hitch knot. Just don't tie a knot into and cut off the closed loopy end.

Good luck! :)



  1. your hat is so cute! and so is your baby! thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Thanks for the pattern! Just finished one for my newborn goddaughter. :)