Thursday, 3 September 2009

New things again in my shop!

I have been a bit busy lately, concentrating on my family. We had a lovely bank holiday weekend away at hubby's parents' holiday caravan near West Bay. It's a lovely place. I'll include a photo from last summer, the camp is between these two banks, and when we took a walk on Saturday we actually walked to the end of the closer bank and back. Rest for half an hour! Emily was very cute and quite well-behaved, and very interested in everything. :)

Now, a few things, most of them made last winter. Obviously, I was late. :D I didn't want to put them up to my shop in the summer, not many of them, but now that it is officially September and therefore, autumn, I've listed them. Feel free to check them out! :)

Well, here you are then! :)
These scarflettes are OOAK, well, maybe the rose one is not that much, but I am more than happy to knit more gloves and mittens, if you fancy some!



  1. Your gloves are lovely, especially the bright coloured ones! X

  2. Just discovered you via Sew Scrumptious - ove the gloves and scarves!

    Pomona x