Friday, 25 September 2009


Sorry for not posting for quite a while! I should start getting ready for Christmas sales, promoting myself and all that yazz, but all my mind is on at the moment, is mittens. I joined Ravelry and have been looking around for a week now. Gorgeous. I want to make EVERYTHING!!!! :D

My favourites.

Also, I remembered making my first pair of gloves in school. It happened while we were meant to be knitting lace, like doilies and such, but I decided to knit gloves, since I found a nice pattern for the backs. It was so easy and nice to make that long before the next lesson I was up to the point where I was supposed to divide for fingers. So my mum helped me to calculate the number of stitches for them and I completed the glove that night. In the next lesson I was happily showing my glove to my teacher, and she started asking me questions about how I had finished knitting it. And then, suddenly I realised that she was thinking I had cheated - let my mum knit the glove or sth. (Yes, people did that sometimes) I am not sure whether I was disappointed that she could even think like that. Probably a bit. It's a strange thing to remember now, though.

I wonder if I ever have enough time top knit 100 pairs of Nordic mittens in a year?

*Crawls back to the den with needles and yarn*


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