Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More things to feed my estonian pride

I've been looking around in the net to find some interesting and nice yarns to knit things with, and especially these kind of earthly colours, browns, reds, oranges, and greens, which are especially rare here in our little shop. Like this series, which, they sadly only sell in USA and Canada. :S
Berroco Comfort And that: Berroco Vintage
Does anyone know where I could get it in UK?

But after browsing around in Ravelry, I found that quite a few people like Kauni and Evilla yarns, which, of course, are Estonian. Kauni - meaning Beautiful - is now a Danish company, but the wool is all estonian. Evilla - meaning e-wool - is based in Estonia and they sell their wool all over the world.

And now, Koigu. I've always felt that it sounds estonian. Well, Maie Landra, as you can read in quite a few places, emigrated to US after WW ii.

Nice feeling, you know. I don't think big places like UK or US even could feel such pride. You can claim the credit for almost anything, so it's just too common for you. Anyway. I might just try and buy some wool. :)


Oh, and NATURALLY, Skype is estonian. :D
And the teeny tiny spy camera? Was invented by an estonian. Honestly. ;)

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